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How to ChooseCampaign TacticsThat Get Results-3

How to Choose Campaign Tactics That Get Results

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Question: Which of these tactics have I actually done? a) Stuff fur coat pockets with leaflets at Saks Fifth Avenue’s fur salon (fun when you’re 13) b) Initiate conversations between White House staff, congressional staff and local stakeholders, which weren’t going to happen otherwise c) Pack a congressional hearing with fishermen d) Pass a dozen […]

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How To Fund Your Prgram

How to Fund Your Program In a Price-Sensitive World

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Is money so tight that you’re receiving pre-declined credit card offers in the mail? Are you a CEO who’s been relegated to mini golf? You’re not alone. More than five years after coming out of the Great Recession, dozens of states struggle to close budget gaps. But if you want to fund research, services for […]

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Learn from My Advocacy Mistakes

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I’ve made one or two or maybe a hundred mistakes in my day, and have witnessed some doozies made by others. Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned so you don’t have to learn the hard way. 1. If you’re an organizer, don’t work for an organization that has no organizing culture. You’ll lose […]

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